Head lice removal - Long Island, NY

GOOD LICE WITCH is a company specializing in head lice removal. The business is run by Carol O’Brien, a registered nurse, certified in the Shepherd Method (TM) for head lice removal. She has all the required experience and skills to work with children.

To avoid you the trouble, Carol herself comes to your home to perform the lice removal service. She is a member of the Lice Solutions Resource Network where education and research studies are conducted to prevent and eradicate the spread of lice.

Carol uses the Shepherd Method (TM) for lice head lice removal, which is one of the most effective, methods of lice treatment. She also makes use of only organic and safe products in her job.

If your child or someone you know is suffering from a head lice problem, don't delay to call GOOD LICE WITCH today. You can expect prompt, efficient and guaranteed results.